Sponsor: Essential tech to have this fall

Fall is here, so now is the perfect time to grab the tech you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re looking for a fun birthday gift or jumping at the first opportunities to save while getting a head start on buying Christmas gifts, there are some essential items you really can’t miss.

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Scam alert: Newly-discovered security flaw makes every Wi-Fi device you own vulnerable to hackers

Well, it’s a new day, and yet another serious security issue has arisen. And this one affects literally every device you own that communicates over Wi-Fi. CyberSecurity Researchers have discovered a critical flaw in the WPA2 security protocol that can allow hackers to eavesdrop on (and even hijack) your Wi-Fi communications, regardless of how securely […] The post Scam alert: ...

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Best way to bookmark your favorite sites

Think of everything that you do online these days. Financial transactions, business emails, educational courses and so much more. Sometimes I lose track of all the sites that I have visited and struggle to get back to one that really had some great information.

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