List of 150 Top Business Directory Sites USA | Online Local Citation Sites

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List of high authority local business listing and review sites USA and their respective popular regions like  California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and more. If you have business whether local (limit to a city, region) or national (USA) then these top local citation sites will help your company/industry/shop/service to achieve great peaks.

Don’t miss your chance to gain leads and sales through local directory websites. Most of the sites in the below list gain millions of hits per month and have high organic traffic from Google. As many of these citations allow to create a free business page. But if you wanna more feature and reach then you can also upgrade to premium account.

business listing websites with logo-min

How to create a business page? All of the sites don’t allow business owners to register their company/service twice on the directory. So, first of all, search your business name in their search bar, some sites use your phone no. to find the registered company. If not found then sign up with email and register your business by filling all the fields like Address, Phone No., Business Contact Person, Detail Description and the most crucial LOGO and images.

Some of the high authority USA business directory sites are auto approved. Means they don’t manually review your business. You can make your business online in a real time on their website with just an email confirmation. But some website moderators manually review the registered business page before advertising it on their site.

Check out the list of top business directory sites USA with Alexa Rank, Domain Age, and IP Address.

S/NO. URL Address Alexa Domain Age      
1 1
2 3 20 years, 18 days
3 6
4 23 14 years, 165 days
5 40 21 years, 78 days
6 247 13 years, 126 days
7 1691
8 1715 21 years, 8 days
9 1903 15 years, 21 days
10 2080 21 years, 11 days
11 2891 13 years, 238 days
12 3323
13 4088 13 years, 99 days
14 6046 9 years, 77 days
15 7240 11 years, 275 days
16 7361
17 9495
18 14424 21 years, 300 days
19 14424
20 18122 21 years, 76 days
21 25605 14 years, 334 days
22 26548 14 years, 338 days
23 36307
24 39847 12 years, 81 days
25 46731 6 years, 237 days
26 48950 12 years, 200 days
27 56251
28 63889
29 68057
30 69763 21 years, 228 days
31 74449 13 years, 351 days
32 76123 13 years, 124 days
33 79927 10 years, 256 days
34 80810 14 years, 230 days
35 80810
36 82810 9 years, 272 days
37 89703 19 years, 217 days
38 98067 20 years, 128 days
39 100238
40 104546 6 years, 138 days
41 108630 11 years, 241 days
42 111450 8 years, 163 days
43 114197 22 years, 35 days
44 114197
45 114686 17 years, 109 days
46 117308 18 years, 239 days
47 117562 11 years, 359 days
48 120426 13 years, 25 days
49 120426
50 123567
51 126223 9 years, 57 days
52 189451 9 years, 77 days
53 142053 13 years, 9 days
54 148940 9 years, 232 days
55 154054 11 years, 245 days
56 158226 10 years, 232 days
57 165097 21 years, 54 days
58 168583 11 years, 191 days
59 176998 19 years, 174 days
60 177865 14 years, 246 days
61 178626 8 years, 279 days
62 179584 10 years, 341 days
63 180110 11 years, 326 days
64 196251
65 197676 9 years, 172 days
66 205330 8 years, 255 days
67 213664 6 years, 1 day
68 218846 15 years, 309 days
69 224248 15 years, 28 days
70 227248 11 years, 77 days
71 289451 9 years, 77 days
72 229351 10 years, 278 days
73 232997 7 years, 38 days
74 236934 6 years, 250 days
75 243384 22 years, 283 days
76 243384
77 251646 18 years, 362 days
78 256510 16 years, 147 days
79 257059
80 275082 9 years, 70 days
81 288524 15 years, 237 days
82 296711 7 years, 68 days
83 298292 11 years, 138 days
84 305771 14 years, 152 days
85 315040 6 years, 285 days
86 319167 20 years, 337 days
87 335397 15 years, 211 days
88 355603 19 years, 21 days
89 361465 17 years, 102 days
90 395217 21 years, 67 days
91 405061 9 years, 154 days
92 423716 16 years, 246 days
93 423996
94 429451 9 years, 77 days
95 439227 6 years, 112 days
96 441326 21 years, 257 days
97 441529 8 years, 41 days
98 445282 14 years, 62 days
99 449164 11 years, 318 days
100 477864 21 years, 241 days
101 487404
102 488242 8 years, 130 days
103 489990 7 years, 168 days
104 490006
105 492792 1 year, 209 days
106 508628 2 years, 2 days
107 514529 10 years, 143 days
108 522675 7 years, 93 days
109 534622 10 years, 273 days
110 550696 14 years, 353 days
111 563510 9 years, 293 days
112 595673 12 years, 272 days
113 599451 9 years, 77 days
114 606585 7 years, 0 days
115 607016 21 years, 89 days
116 644935 15 years, 89 days
117 649278 12 years, 229 days
118 653890 6 years, 23 days
119 656423 14 years, 329 days
120 677223 6 years, 314 days
121 761698 10 years, 313 days
122 772438 5 years, 126 days
123 786058 12 years, 37 days
124 807076 8 years, 127 days
125 848887 18 years, 74 days
126 857614 9 years, 305 days
127 919947 10 years, 179 days
128 944127 7 years, 145 days
129 1262339 11 years, 188 days
130 1330374 8 years, 114 days
131 1353099 6 years, 111 days
132 1889451 9 years, 77 days
133 1917362 8 years, 304 days
134 2022880 10 years, 196 days
135 2223718 10 years, 349 days
136 2266210 13 years, 249 days
137 2467693 3 years, 234 days
138 3076364 10 years, 246 days
139 3407334 8 years, 229 days
140 3730389 5 years, 289 days
141 5326770 4 years, 192 days
142 8042009 12 years, 227 days
143 8858681 17 years, 41 days

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